Birchardville Observatory
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I'm a semi-retired (IBM) mainframe computer performance guy, who used to be a Navy ET (Electronic Tech) and also worked on missile range ships in the 1960s.  After 30+ years helping IBM customers squeeze more performance from their systems, I still provide consulting services in the areas of my expertise. 

Between the Navy and the missile range work, I spent a lot of time in more southern parts of the world.  While working and since retirement, my wife and I have been able to visit many countries (about 80), as well as all the US states and most of Canadian provinces.  Travel is still a biggie for us.

For me, hobbies include:
  1. Amateur Radio
  2. Astronomy, telescope building
  3. Where is Birchardville?
  4. Computer stuff
  5. Model railroading
  6. Woodworking
  7. Photography
  8. Travel
  9. and I'm sure, more than this -- come back to see more later
Visiting Bletchley Park, home of the WW-II Allied codebreaking establishment
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