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What is an Equatorial Platform?

My Solution!

The Internet has many very specialized resources that can be of great help. Then, to help organize some of this information, companies like Google index huge amounts of information that can be of help (or not, if you fall into a well written site that has useless or even harmful information on it).

Another facility is the USENET groups (Google indexes these too, as "Google Groups)." Before BLOGs, USENET was the global "bulletin board" or "mailing list" or "reflector" where all those interested got copies of what everyone else added to the "list" and could respond if they didn't understand or agree with the posted information or opinion. [BLOGs on the other hand tend to often be just one person's personal viewpoint and in most cases few others can post corrections]. These, especially when you are looking for a specific subject, can lead you correctly as there are a group of others out there who tend to post improvements, contrary opinions, and other suggestions.

Yahoo has its own facility, called Yahoo Groups, and they have many of the same attributes as the USENET groups, but they can often be much more specialized.

By my good luck, I found the Yahoo Equatorial Platforms group, eqplatforms which has a great group of people and archives and files -- a veritable body of prior art and development ripe for the picking.

Poncet, d'Autumne, Shaw, Baraff, Heijkoop, Reagan, Becker, Reed and many others all contributed to the current state of the art. I can't claim any invention of my own, just development of ideas from all of these and others. At this point, I'm not even sure my developments are improvements. I just know the platform I built works as intended.

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