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Computer Technology

More blame for the Navy... I was assigned to the USS Oriskany, a late WW-II era aircraft carrier, when it was sent to San Franscisco Naval Shipyard for installation of the shipboard prototype NTDS system, the testbed for the computer system that was more fully implemented on the USS Enterprise.

While I was working for the RCA Service Company on Missile Tracking Ships (USNS American Mariner and USNS General H H Arnold), I had the responsibility to care for computer and inertial navigation equipment.

While a student at the University of San Francisco, I worked as a teaching assistant and as a staff programmer, and subsequently worked for the IBM Corporation as a Systems Engineer and later as a technical support representative focusing on performance of large and mid-sized IBM mainframe computers beginning with the System/360 through their successors.

In my home there must be dozens of computers, as my wife and I use desktop and laptop systems, and there are any number of imbedded computers in things like satellite receivers, ham radio equipment, refrigerators, cars and who knows what else.

All these things are just wonderful tools to help fill our lives with information and delay the onset of ennui. We use them pretty intensively for things like designing telescope and wooodworking projects, planning astronomical observations, writing Christmas letters, and, yes, paying bills. Editing pictures and scrapbook journalling seem to be big uses as well.

More to come later.
Visiting Bletchley Park, home of the WW-II Allied codebreaking establishment, where the COLOSSUS vacuum tube digital computer, used for cipher key recovery, is being rebuilt.
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