Birchardville Railroad
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Model Railroad Buildings

The [in progress] Inventory of Model Structures

Most of the major buildings for the Birchardville Railroad are built up from Walthers Cornerstone plastic model kits. These kits are mainly manufactured by Heljan for Walthers, to Walthers' specifications. I've found that the molding of plastic parts is very well done, with little or no flashing and with (usually) tiny sprue connections that are easily trimmed with a hobby knife. Some of the parts, particularly for the Modern Concrete Coaling Tower, are tiny (less than 1/4 inch or 3 millimeters in their largest dimension!), and seem to disappear readily. Still, I only lost a couple and was able to make similar looking parts from sections of sprue for a couple lost pully parts.

At the time of this writing, I've completed the Union City Roundhouse kit, the Machine Shop kit, and the Modern Coaling Tower kit.

Works in progress include the Union Station with two kits of Butterfly Platforms, several bridges (curved trestle and art deco highway bridge), and more.

I'll have to scratch build a version of the Lackawanna RR's Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct (original built about 100 years ago of reinforced concrete, about 2400 feet long and over 200 feet high).

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