Birchardville Railroad
The pictures below shows the basement layout room where the Birchardville Railroad is being built. Click on the pictures to get closeups, and use your browser BACK button to return to this page!

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This is an XTrkCAD plan showing the size and shape of the basement layout room.

Our layout plans


Up until the fall of 2008 one of our daughters and her family (husband and five children) lived with us, so our basement had an "OCCUPIED" sign posted. When they'd bought a home of their own about 5 miles away, we were able to begin construction. Design and even purchasing of a lot of structure kits and other items had been going on for a number of years, however.

In Model Railroader magazine, there had been a couple articles using a John Armstrong track plan, the Spokane and Puget Sound (S&PS) as a basis. More recently, two new articles showed further updates to some of John's ideas. Unfortunately, none of those would just drop into our train space.

I do a lot of computer work, and found I didn't want to do the layout design without computer assistance. Asking on and the Yahoo N-scale group led me to XTrkCAD, which, after a few "learning curve" issues, has proved to be a good tool. Denizens of the Yahoo XTrkCAD group were helpful in resolving the issues.

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