Birchardville Railroad
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Machine Shop 1

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Machine Shop 2

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Machine Shop 3

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Machine Shop 4

Model Railroad Buildings

Walthers' Machine Shop

The Machine Shop is a good complement to the roundhouse, and it includes the boiler facility that provides steam to both the machine shop and the adjacent roundhouse.

The pictures don't show the final alignment of the machine shop. It will be aligned with the front of the roundhouse, and with its lead track straight to the turntable.

Because I ended up with less height than I wanted between the top of the lower deck and the supports for the upper deck, I will likely paint the upper deck supports in sky blue. Gotta do something there. There will be fascia that blocks much of the deck support structure view, but when you get down with the trains, somethings's gotta change.

The machine shop can be built so that trains can run through it from end to end. Track is cemented to slots in the floor of the machine shop -- I simply removed (rip, rip) ties from a section of flex track and used CA adhesive to cement the two rails in place, leaving track on both ends of the structure. I chose to leave the front (turntable) end open (picture 4) and although I ran track through the whole structure, I closed the door at the other end (picture 3).

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